Drone-Partss Service Rybnik


To contact our service, please use the contact details below:

Telephone: 660 560 272
E-mail address. [email protected]
Below we present to you the complaint procedure which a device directed to our service must undergo:
1) Before you make a complaint/repair of the device/problem, it is best to contact our service team in order to determine the further way of solving the problem.
2. to report a complaint/repair you should go to the Service page,
3. fill in the required data.
4. after generating the RMA number, prepare the device for shipment to our service address: Drone-Partss, 14 Smolna Street, 44-200 Rybnik:
a) stick or describe the package with the generated RMA number,
(b) attach the required documents to the shipment, i.e. a copy of the purchase document (only for warranty claims) and the application form.
c) Secure the device thoroughly.
5. when our service will receive the package, they will be informed about this fact.
6. After the diagnosis of the device, our technicians will contact you to provide information related to the fault, the way / possibility of its removal, the time needed to complete the case and in the case of repairs payable by a cost proposal / price.
7.When the customer receives the necessary information/acceptance of the costs, the equipment goes to the repair, after which it is tested in general as well as for any subsequent damage.
8. The customer is informed about completed repairs and the complaint / repair is prepared for shipment.
9.The device is sent to the address given in the application form or to another address after prior arrangement with the service.
In each completed complaint / repair, after receipt by the customer, inside the package should be: service protocol, damaged components (not provided to the customer), bill / invoice (in the case of paid repair) and an efficient device. In case of lack of any of the above mentioned items, please contact the service centre as soon as possible.